Sunday, September 6, 2009

Maruti Cement - The Largest Cement Manufacturer in Nepal

Maruti Cement Company, the largest cement industry in Nepal is now launching its product – Maruti Cement. The cement is of high-standard that meets the standard of international-grade and quality cement.

Maruti Cement Ltd. is the solitary producer of genuine Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) in Nepal. It is the only private industry in Nepal to produce and supply clinker in a large scale. Maruti Cement Ltd. possesses the unique ESP technology that makes it environment-friendly. Maruti Cement Company owns its own rotary plant that no other private sector industry has.

The product of Maruti Cement Ltd. – Maruti Cement, is suitable for heavy construction such as dams, bridges, highways, and tall buildings due to the guaranteed strength of 53 MPa provided by 53 grade OPC. It is suitable on the areas where high strength and durability is required. Maruti Cement contains a unique feature of allowing the cement to hold quickly and provide complete strength and this feature has been adopted internationally. OPC technology helps in instant strength and saves the cost of construction by early removal of shuttering. It is suitable for cold weather and winter season as it settles down quickly.

The chlorides and other harmful chemicals are barred from contact with the reinforcement, due to which the concrete prepared with 53 Grade OPC becomes corrosion resistant. The cohesive concrete allows better workability at reduced water-cement ratio and the concrete becomes impermeable. This makes concrete more resistant to chemical attacks.

Maruti Cement affirms of its quality with the only cement in Nepal to have ISO 2001 and ISO 14001 Quality Standard Marks.

About Maruti Cement Company:

Established in the year 2007 AD, Maruti Cement, definitely the largest cement company in Nepal, is emerging as the new leader in Nepal’s cement industry. After Udaypur Cement and Hetauda Cement, Maruti Cement is in the cement industry scenario to bring revolutionary perspective and Nepal’s construction business and has taken the initiative to take the nation’s responsibilities in its own shoulders.


Anonymous said...

i have read about your company's profile but if I'm not mistaken you havent mentioned about the capacity of the plant i.e. TPD (Wether clinker or cement). This made me a little unsatisfied with your organization.

narendra said...

what is the current rate/bag of maruti opc cement?

DIwash said...

where is the headquarter/corporate office located?

Anonymous said...

From where y0u get the lime stone?

Anmol dhakal said...

From where y0u get the lime stone?