Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nepali Gold Jewellery Design Theft Feared

Traditional gold jewellery that have its roots in the ancient past continues to play an important role in the modern-day culture of Nepal but due to the lack of special concerns people in this sector are worried about the basic designs getting imitated in foreign lands.

Most of the gold used in Nepali designs is either 22carat or 24-carat which is chosen for its brilliant yellow colour.

According to Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers’ Association (NEGOSIDA) president Tej Ratna Shakya, although the 75 per cent of the jew ellery in Nepali gold sector follows modern designs yet Nepal’s own original style has its own craze. It has great demand abroad too due to its uniqueness and its being traditionally handmade.

“There is no statistical proof regarding the exact quantity of handmade typical gold jewellery being exported but looking at the market logistics, we have observed that a large number of tourists like the typical Nepali handmade jewellery compared to machine-made designs,” said Shakya.

A variety of styles of gold jewellery are worn in Nepal by various ethnic groups, which each have their own origins and cultural significance.

“If only some mechanism were developed for the export of Nepali handmade gold jewellery, the chances of its patent theft can be reduced,” Shakya said adding that it is a highly-prized export item and a number of enquires are made regarding its typical Nepali handmade designs which can be imitated any time.

“Most people prefer handmade designs and that is what Nepal offers. We have to patent our designs” Shakya said adding that gold jewellery alone generates a revenue of around Rs 70 million a year.

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